Frequently Asked Questions: Web Hosting Service Discontinued

Question 1: Is Speedata Web Technologies (SWT) closing its entire business?

No. We are not closing our entire business. We will now only focus on web development projects.

Question 2: Why is SWT discontinuing its web hosting and domain name registration service?

We no longer have the resources to improve the quality of the service we are providing our customers. Instead of providing a mediocre service experience, we prefer to refer you to alternative provider who will hopefully take better care of you and provide you with a much better service than we currently can.

Question 3: What other web hosting companies can I move my website(s) or domain name(s) to?

You can move your website(s) to any of the following providers in Ghana:,, To find a list with ranking of hosting providers in Ghana, you can visit this web page:

We had a discussion with and they will work with any of our current customers to make the transfer as painless as possible.

In the USA, providers we have personally done business with and would recommend are:,,

Question 4: What happens if I am not able to move my website before May 31, 2015?

From May 31, your website will be suspended. On June 30, all websites and files will be deleted from our server and not recoverable.

Question 5: I want to transfer my domain name. How do I get my EPP (domain password) code?

Send an email to with your domain name and we will reply within 24 hours with the EPP code. We will also unlock the domain name to ensure that your website can be moved out of our registrar successfully.

Question 6: Do I get a refund for the months I did not use?

Yes. If you ask for a refund, we will give it to you. Just send us an email to with your domain name and how many months you have left of hosting with us, we will calculate your refund amount based on the amount and number of years you last paid for.

Question 7: How and when do I get refunded?

We will issue refunds through two channels: MTN Mobile Money (Ghana), or GT Bank (Ghana), and Paypal (Worldwide). You will receive your refund within 7 days after sending us the email.

Question 8: I have a web hosting related issue I need to discuss with someone on the phone. Who do I call?

The preferred and most effective method of communication is email. However if you absolutely need to speak to someone, you can call Lionnel Yamentou at +1 714 818 4828.